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Anne Erickson on Audio Ink

Feb 28, 2021

Why should Metallica hits such as "Master of Puppets" and "Nothing Else Matters" get all the fun? Anne Erickson (@AnneErickson) discusses the most underrated Metallica songs of all time, from "Bleeding Me" to "Escape!" Did you know Metallica have only performed "Escape" once live? Learn more fun tidbits about James...

Feb 22, 2021

Before Chester Bennington was a world famous rock star in Linkin Park, he cut his teeth in Grey Daze, a cutting-edge band out of California with an edgy alternative sound. In this episode, Sean Dowdell (@seandowdell) from Grey Daze (@therealgreydaze) joins Anne Erickson (@AnneErickson) to talk about the memory...

Feb 2, 2021

It's never easy when a band loses a key member and decides to forge ahead, but a handful of bands do it successfully. Anne Erickson (@AnneErickson) discusses some bands that have switched lead vocalists and found great success, such as AC/DC, Killswitch Engage, Iron Maiden and Queensryche. Then, talented Queensryche (